For this tutorial, we will use Binance and USDT (Tether) cryptocurrency as an example.

Please note that if you transfer cryptocurrency to your ICE FX account from your Binance wallet - Binance will compensate the cryptonetwork commission fees paid back to your Binance account/wallet.

1. Sign up for an account at

2. Choose Buy Crypto → Credit/Debit Card

To avoid losses during cryptocurrency rate changes (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum), we recommend choosing USDT when buying cryptocurrency. This is a stable coin whose exchange rate is pegged to the U.S. dollar exchange rate.

3. Enter the deposit amount and select "New Card" or your card that has already been added to Binance:

4. Next, enter your card information:

Then, kindly follow the instructions that will appear on-screen to complete the cryptocurrency purchase.

5. Once you have acquired the cryptocurrency, navigate to Wallet → Fiat and Spot:

Click on the “Withdraw” button

Select "Crypto" then search for and select "USDT"

6. Next, to fund your ICE FX account with the USDT cryptocurrency, kindly follow the “Direct USDT Deposit” tutorial.

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