In order to make a cryptocurrency deposit to your account via direct transfer of USDT (Tether), go to "Deposit/Withdrawal/Transfer" section. In the "Direct transfer" block, select USDT:

Type in the deposit amount greater than the minimum amount. Below you will see how much USDT you need to transfer and to which address. The exchange rate is 1 USDT (Tether) = 1 USD (ICE FX account).

NB! Choose only ERC20 (ETH) and BEP20 (BSC) networks for the transfer. Selecting any other network may result in the loss of transferred cryptocurrency.

After you've transferred the necessary amount to the specified address, enter the transaction hash code (Txid):

This code can be acquired from the resource used to make the transfer. To do this, open the history of transactions and find the “Txid” in the details of the transaction. An example from an account on Binance:

Insert the Txid code and click "Continue".

The processing time of the request is 1 business day. We will provide an update via email once the transaction is processed.

After funding your account, you can instantly use the funds for trading or investment activities.

If you have any questions when depositing/withdrawing, please get in touch with the Technical Support team.

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