There are three types of rollovers:

  • Daily rollover - held once a day (00:00 - 00:15 EET) to update the point of reference for daily risk management, the assignment of VIP, Elite, Premium statuses, as well as the assignment of loyalty statuses (Loyal Junior, Loyal and Loyal +).

  • Weekly Rollover - held once a week (sat.: 12:00 - 15:00 EET) to calculate Rebate bonuses, affiliate rewards, to process applications to change the Managed Account, the liquidation of the Managed Account, to update the points of reference for the weekly risk management parameter.

  • Monthly rollover - held once a month according to the schedule to calculate Manager's fees, agent's fees, affiliate payments, rebate bonuses and liquidation of the Managed Accounts, as well as to process applications to modify Managed Accounts.

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