Yes, our Company's Portfolios have multi-copies, which may have equal and unequal shares of the Managed Accounts included in them.

For example, the iComposite Portfolio, which consists of the Managed Accounts Solandr, Celdic, Frame, LuckyPound/Polar, ProfitLine, MultiTrend, DIMtrade/SmartQuant, Clever with unequal shares, has a multi-copy - iComposite*2, which includes the Managed Accounts with multiplier *2: Solandr*2,Celdic*2, Frame*2, LuckyPound/Polar*2, ProfitLine*2, MultiTrend*2, DIMtrade/SmartQuant*2, Clever*2 - also with unequal shares.

Portfolio with equal shares - iMain, which consists of the managed accounts ProfitLine, DIMtrade/SmartQuant, Celdic, Frame, has a multi-copy - iMain*2, which includes the managed accounts with the multiplier *2: ProfitLine*2, DIMtrade/SmartQuant*2, Celdic*2, Frame*2 - also with equal shares.

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