The Portfolios are formed by the Company's risk-manager from Rating managers. The Company sets the following requirements to the Managed Accounts included in the Portfolios:

  • The Company's Administration approval to include the Managed Account in one of the Portfolios;
  • Manager's funds, including bonuses, should make up at least 5% of the investors' funds;
  • Verified account monitoring on any independent resource with a high frequency of information updates;
  • Provision of the investor's password: publicly for the first 6 months, later - only to the Company's VIP-clients periodically;
  • Open history of transactions;
  • Standardization of maximum losses per week (risks) - 10%;
  • Control by the risk management of the Company;
  • Absence or strictly limited use of "toxic" methods of funds management: "martingale", "averaging" of loss-making positions (analyzed individually by risk-managers of the Company);
  • Maximum leverage - not exceeding 1:30.
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