Disputes and differences are resolved as follows (excerpt from legal document «Trading Regulations»):
    32. If the client believes that ICE FX is violating any provision of the current Regulations, he/she may file a claim against the company. Claims are accepted within three business days from the moment such dispute arises.
    33. To file a claim, the client has to write a letter describing the dispute and send it by email to: [email protected].
    34. The claim letter should indicate the following details:
          The client’s name and surname (or the company’s name if the client is a legal entity);
          The client’s account number;
          The date and time of occurrence of the dispute (according to the time of the trading terminal);
          Tickers of all contested positions and/or pending orders;
          A description of the nature of the dispute with reference to the paragraphs of the company’s Regulations or the Trading Terms & Conditions and the Customer Agreement, which, in the client’s opinion, were violated.
     35. A claim letter should not contain the following:
           Abusive statements;
           Offensive language;
     36. ICE FX may reject a claim should paragraphs 32, 33, 34 and 35 of the Trading Regulations be violated.
     37. ICE FX will consider a claim as soon as possible but not later than three business days from the date the claim was received.
     38. If the client is not satisfied with the outcome of the review of his/her claim, he/she may refer the case to the regulator or to a court, as described in paragraph 20 of the Trading Terms & Conditions and the Customer Agreement.

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