Elite status gives an ICE FX client such benefits as:

Instant withdrawal of funds

Elite clients can instantly withdraw up to $10 000 per day from their ICE FX account.

Demonstration of hedging without limits

Elite clients can request a demonstration showing the hedging of positions without limits.

Special deposit/withdrawal rules

An Elite client can request for an advance payment of up to $20 000 to his account. A withdrawal request by an Elite client is always placed in front of the queue. That is why Elite requests are processed much faster than the standard stipulated period.

Provision of free VPS servers

Elite clients can get a free VPS server.

Higher transaction security

Elite clients can configure the system to confirm any withdrawal transaction in their account via a phone call from a member of our finance department.

Accumulated interest on deposit

Elite clients receive up to 4% per annum on their average deposit in the company for this period.

Compensation of deposit/withdrawal commissions

ICE FX fully compensates Elite clients for any deposit/withdrawal commission they may have paid to third-party payment systems.

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