ICE FX has the following client statuses:

  1. Based on the total amount of funds in all accounts:

  2. From $5,000, the client is assigned a personal manager;

  3. From $50,000, the client is made a Premium client;

  4. From $100,000, the client is made a VIP client;

  5. From $250,000, the client is made an Elite client;

  6. Based on how long the client has stayed with ICE FX:

  7. From 1 year, the client receives Loyal Junior status;

  8. From 2 years, the client receives Loyal status;

  9. From 5 years, the client receives Loyal+ status.

The client can have privileged statuses from both groups at the same time. In this case, he gets the privileges of a status that provides big benefits.

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