The verification process requires two documents:

  1. The first document is a scan copy of your passport. You need to provide scans of the following pages: double-page indicating your photo and name (1st file); double-page indicating your registration address (2nd file).Note. For the first document, you can present a scan of your ID card (a copy from both sides) if it is available.

  2. The second document is a document confirming your registration address. It can be a scan of one of the following documents (file 3):

  • Utility bills issued in your name;

  • Utility bills not issued in your name can be used but in this case, you need to additionally send a confirmation of the fact of your relationship with the person indicated in the bill (birth certificate, passport spread with a marriage mark, etc.).Note. Instead of utility bills, you can provide:

  • Reference letter from a housing service (housing and public service, housing maintenance service, etc.) confirming the identity of persons registered in the apartment;

  • House rental agreement;

  • An extract with a stamp from the bank indicating the details of your passport and address of your residence permit;

  • Subscriber’s contract for mobile communication or a mobile communication account, indicating the address;

  • Vehicle technical passport, if the car is yours.

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